Cultural Differences Approach to change

Write me a research paper about the cultural differences approaches to change in two different region. Japan and United States. your free to choose two organizations. one in US and one in Japan.
the outline of the research paper is the following:

1. Abstract
2. Introduction
-Introduction about the two organization
-Organizational culture and culture approaches to change.
3. Theoretical Framework
-Understanding organizational change
-Forces of Organizational change
-Planning Approach
-Process Approach
Secondary data
-Two organizations one is located in japan and the one in the United States undergo change
-Brief introduction about each organization
-Organizational Culture
5. Results
-The Problem
-Approaches to change
6. Discussion
– Compare and contrast between the 2 organization
-The change process
-The implementation of change
-The Adaptation of change
7. Recommendation
8.Conclusion ( Summary of the project)
9. References.