Culturally created categories

This is a take-home exam. The paper should involve the answers of below questions. According to the syllabus, you will need to choose examples from the articles that I uploaded to illustrate the points you want to make. Please use APA style to cite when you use examples-particularly quotations but also ideas from the articles.
Discuss and contrast some of the ways in which culturally created categories-for instance black/white, good/bad, deviant/normal, truth/falsehood, legitimate/illegitimate, citizen/noncitizen, indigenous/nonindigenous- are used in the application of state or local power. Please discuss 3 articles that I uploaded. -How are these categories symbolic? -How are the categories understood in local culture? -Does the state have different understandings of the categories, of justice? -Are these categories challenged in the face of globalization/ Or are the categories themselves products of globalization?