Curbing Presidential power

This assignment is designed to provide student with exposure and practice in an essential writing skill; Summarization. Effective writing in a business context must boldly and concisely state conclusion that are supported by more than personal opinions , goose bumps, epiphanies etc . When your opinion is supported by authoritative reference it will be more convincing and probably succeed. References may also be used to compare and contrast. Summaries provide the vehicle to reference in an effective and efficient manner. I f you can restate in your own words and ideas of someone else and accurately reflect what they have written, you have mastered the material.- Use your own words and if you quote from the chapter, use quotation marks.-Accurately reflect Michael Les Benedict\’s ideas and do not include your own interpretation or opinion- Identify the author of the work-Give the main points only omitting details facts, examples, illustrations and other specifics.-Be brief: use fewer total words than the chapter being summarized (Adhere to the mandated page count)