Curriculum Design and evaluation – Education

Using the recommendations made in assignment task 2 (attached document), redesign components of the subject that you have identified as needing redesign to enhance the student learning experience. You may choose to redesign any number of components. However, a minimum of one assessment activity should undergo substantial redesign.
The redesign report should draw on the concepts explored in the course, google scholarly literature only and your own reflections and include:
A description of the redesigned subject components (activities, assessments or resources) and how they have changed from the originals reviewed in Assignment Task 2 (attached document). Include specifics about how the component would work from both a teacher and student perspective and if the component is fully online, blended or face-to-face.
An evidence-based rationale for selecting, or not selecting technology to deliver the components.
An explanation of how the redesigned components support specific subject learning outcomes.
Suggest how you plan to evaluate your component redesign to determine its effectiveness.
Copies of the original and redesigned subject components (activities, assessments, or resources) should be included in an appendix.