Dance 100 The Deep Tthoughts Paper 2

#2 The Deep Tthoughts Paper due November 10th

Throughout the semester we ill be looking at dance, not just as an isolated phenomenon, we will be lookout at dance in its relationship to many other subjects such as; Music, Design, Mathematics, Sculpture, Architecture, Philosophy, History, Social Interaction, Race Relationships, Business, the Entertainment Industry, and more. Choose one of these areas or another one that fascinates or perplexes you. Write a concise, colorful and thoughtful paper that explores how dance is seen by this area, and how this area sees dance. Speak to the influence of dance had upon this subject and speak of how this subject affects dance and the dancer.

4-6 pages in length, type written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and double spaced.
You must also include a title page and a bibliography
Indent each paragraph beginning and cite any written publications or internet sources you have used.