Data Data Everywhere

1.Use the most current data that your own school/district has and repeat the exercise in Marylin Profile Demographics. (school district of Philadelphia)Describe how your school’s professional learning programs might affect its demographic data over time.Describe how you might use an analysis of demographics to illustrate the context of your school/district.2. In order to think about data elements in terms of whether they are input data (givens), process data (data that describe actions planned for and implemented to get particular outcomes), or outcome data (data that describe the results of processes), download the document titled “Input, Process, Outcome Elements.”Create three lists by classifying each element according to data type: input, process, or outcome. (You may find it easier to print the resource and make three piles of data before writing your lists.)Address at least three elements per category and explain why you have classified the data as you have.Discuss how this exercise can reveal what an educator believes is possible and not possible to changeUpon reflection on this work, explain why elements originally classified as inputs might be considered in a different category.3. Look at your school’s mission statement.(We exist to create a responsive school environment that inspires students to pursue their dreams and motivates them to acquire essential skills, knowledge and enduring understandings. We encourage a collaborative approach that holds teachers, parents, and students accountable for themselves and their community. We promote an inquiry-based curriculum that fosters a love and passion of lifelong learning. This passion for lifelong learning is summed up by the words of John Dewey, which are inscribed on our building: “Education is not a mere means to life. Education is life.”)Describe three school activities that you believe are in sync with the mission and explain why.Do you believe that you are compliant or committed to your mission? If yes, how is that manifested in your work? If not, discuss why and what you think is needed for you to be supportive of the mission.