Data Integration Standards

Imagine you are an HIM Compliance Manager for a large hospital system, and you areresponsible for the integration new clinical data into your existing electronic healthrecord (EHR). During your research of clinical process modeling, you learned about howhealthcare data sets and dictionaries are used in the hospital settings. For example,hospitals utilize the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS) which is considereda core data set for hospital reporting. The UHDDS contains a data dictionary where theprinciple diagnosis, a data element, is defined along with its allowable value, an ICD-9-CM code. Based on your knowledge, create a data integration strategy that will ensuredata are in a format that will satisfy the hospital’s integration needs.Requirements:Your data integration strategy should be eight pages in length and cover all of thefollowing elements:1. Ensure the standardization of data dictionaries to meet the needs of theenterprise.2. Demonstrate applicable clinical data standards theory and development.3. Ensure data are in a format that will satisfy data integration needs:o Interoperabilityo Decision supporto Legacy systems4. Describe clinical data and clinical process modeling:o UML-Unified Modeling Languageo UP-Unified Process