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ORC\’s Public Partnership – The importance of public-private partnerships & their impact

Please watch the embedded video and scan the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) document above on Engaging The Private Sector To Promote Homeland Security: Law Enforcement-Private Security Partnerships, and comment upon them, as well as our readings from Celluci and Pastor regarding the following:

The BJA Report notes that \”[b]ecause the private sector owns and protects 85 percent of the nations infrastructure, while local law enforcement often possesses threat information regarding infrastructure, law enforcement-private security partnerships can put vital information into the hands of the people who need it.\” Name a contemporary example from your hometown, state, or elsewhere in the Nation where this is true, with citation to authority supporting your position.

What are the key enhancing and detracting factors impacting upon creating opportunities for change in the private security sector?

Why is Marquette Park an apt case study, given what you have read in Pastor, and based upon what you can find at https://www.vintechnology.com/journal/cctv/case-study-marquette-park-ssa-14/ ?

two reading text book are, A guide to innovative public-private partnerships by T.A. Cellucci publisher Government Instirutes 2011 ISBN 978-1-60590-745-1 The privatization of police in America by J.F. Pastor, Publisher Mcfarland&Co 2003 ISBN 978-0-7864-1574-8