Decision Making


the assignment contains two parts: the first part is reflection 750 words and you can find that in (the word paper attached) the second part is case study 1250 words
the first part (reflection) I need you to write a reflection about me
and it is about a decision I have made in my life, you can make up
any story showing that I made a decision in my life for example I
decided to complete my studies and come to the UK and join uclan university to study business and specialise in HRM and here you
focus on the five things required in the slide number 6 in poerpoint. just pretend that you are in my position and write it, you will notice that this part is 750 words.

also you will find in the papers attached that there are three articles which are highly recommended by my tutor to use them in the second part and he want to see that I have used them in the assignment, not copy paste I mean the ideas. also you will find in the word paper attached that there are some readings recommended and essential please use them, finally you use them as references.

finally, in the same word attached you will see the plagiarism regulations so please be careful. please use a very very simple English language because it is not my first language and if you use any other references use google books where i can find them.

you see in the order that I have asked for summary paper please make it clear and point everything and how the assignment was written.