Define a Travelogue .

For this 3 to 4 page paper you will compose a travelogue, that is, an essay that takes an experience directly tied to a particular place as its subject. For this assignment, the experience in questions must have taken place between 4:00 and 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.Over the past few classes, we have discussed elements of style and how those elements can be manipulated in writing to creatively achieve your purpose. Your essay should reflect your mastery and thoughtful synthesis of those elements.Your thesis will likely be implied, rather than explicit, but you should nevertheless develop it clearly and fully, with vivid details and imagery, explanations, and reflections. You will likely want to make extensive use of both the narrative and descriptive patterns of writing discussed in the text. To review these concepts and potentially help generate ideas for your own writing, reconsider or review the works recently discussed in class.