Define Short-Run Economic Fluctuations

Please answer provide answers to these questions

What have been the major sources of disruption over the past several years?

From an Aggregate Demand and Supply perspective, does it matter which programs are adopted? Which programs do you recommend should be adopted?

How will the programs proposed affect future growth possibilities for the economy (how will they effect the PPF and long run aggregate supply)?

Should subsidies and tax breaks to business (corporate welfare to agriculture, forestry, export promotion, research and development, removal of dividends tax etc. ) be the focus or should subsidies go to individuals (subsidies to education, social security, unemployment insurance, aid to families with dependent children, Medicare etc.) ?

How will the programs affect the debt? How will they affect private investment? Is crowding out a concern in the short versus long run as a result of the proposed policies?

How will the different proposals affect the income distribution? How will they effect consumer confidence and spending?