Dental Implant

Assignment: Students will be assigned to research a topic based on one of the systems covered in Anatomy Class (i.e., integument, nervous, muscle, cardio, etc). Students will find scholarly evidence to
1. Describeassignedtopic
2. What is the current research status on topic?
3. How does topic apply to health care?
4. After learning from your topic, what are your thoughts and comments for the
Length of your Paper: 2-3 pages, typed, double-space, margins at 0.75, written in prose form, not in outline form. Fonts should be at 10-12 fonts only.
? References are required within the written text.
? Bibliography is required, but the Bibliography is counted OUTSIDE of the 2-3 page
requirement.PLEASE use HARVARD STYLE of referencing
? Cover/Title page is also requiredCover page should include name, title of topic, date, name of Lecture professor
Your paper should be written in complete well-written paragraphs. You are expected to be well-organized and free of typos (Use Spell check).
Spelling errors will be marked off according.