Describe and apply at least three policy models/frameworks to the policy issue.

Question Two: Public PolicyBriefly describe a policy issue (or more than one if necessary to provide clear and complete answers) in the context of public policy theory. This policy issue can be one you are considering for a dissertation topic, one covered in the Public Administration or Public Health Policy coursework, or a different policy issue of your choosing. Using this issue for illustration, answer the questions 1), either 2) (a) or 2(b), and 3):1) Assess differing perspectives about whether government intervention is justified as it relates to this policy issue. Be sure to include the possible rationales for government intervention related to political reasons, moral ethical reasons, and economic/market reasons.2) A) Describe and apply at least three policy models/frameworks to the policy issue. Be sure to describe the main tenets of the model/framework, and compare and contrast the implications for the issue based on the use of each model,orB) Describe the policy process model and how this issue illustrates the stages of the model.3) Using the tools/processes described by Bardach, Kraft and Furlong, or other policy analysts, outline a plan for how you would analyze one or more significant problems in the policy area, and how you would develop and analyze policy alternatives to address the problem(s).______________________________Use Text Book:Kraft, M. E., & Furlong, S. R. (2015). Public policy: politics, analysis, and alternatives. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.A practical guide to policy Analysis: The eightfold path to more effective problem solving by Eugene Bardach————————————————–• Responses to each section should be no more than fifteen pages excluding title and reference pages. The document containing your answers must have one-inch margins, be double spaced and use 12 point font. Pages should be numbered.• You must provide citations for all material referred to in your answers