Describe the Albanian Competition Authority Strategic Plan

STRUCTURE: 8 pages maximum (3 pages for strategic plan, 2 pages making a case (argument) for the design logic of the plan using references.ALL THE TASKS THAT MUST BE INCLUDED:Your three page strategic plan should include the following items unless you can justify their exclusion. Remember that your plan should look at the strategic, rather than the operational or tactical. Plans of no more than 3 years are expected.• A comprehensive background to the organisation is provided.• The mission, aspirations, purpose and vision are described.• A values statement is provided IF you believe it to be appropriate to your organisation. If you do not include a values statement, explain why you do not think it appropriate.• Major stakeholders are identified, and their power and influence on the organisation are identified and ranked.• Strategic goals/directions are identified (no more than 3).• For each strategic goal/direction, a brief explanation of resourcing is outlined.(table form)• Each goal/strategic direction should be considered in terms of a Balanced Scorecard approach(PDF PROVIDED ATTACHED, use it as reference too) . Provide evidence of its use in your argument section.• Objectives for each goal/direction are formulated with: – actions– timelines– performance indicators/measurements/targets.• The objectives etc should be presented in a tabular format.• Use the APA referencing systems.• Each citation has a relevant reference.• Each reference has a relevant citation.At the back of the Strategic Plan please make a two page argument for the logic integrity of your plan;• how you arrived at the various organisational priorities that are situated in your plan,• what you are concerned about in the plan,• information that was needed but difficult to obtain, how you worked to designflexibility within the plan.Essentially, here you are asked to demonstrate your thinking in an argumentative piece of writing that offers insights into the quality of your strategic plan.REFERENCES: must be professional materials only preferred with DOI numbers and also materials from the Institution (Albanian Competition Authority) National plan, Annual reports etc) link: