Describe the purpose of risk, vulnerability and assessment?

1. Describe the purpose of risk, vulnerability and assessment?2. How can risk identification assist security managers in countering threats?References: (Insert full APA reference citations as well as in-text citations in the body of your response as necessary).Respond to each question using what you have learned during the week’s reading and your personal experience and opinion as well. Each student must also respond to a minimum of two fellow students’ postings (15 points each will be deducted for each secondary post that is not submitted). Students must submit their responses in the appropriate Forum for the week using the threaded format for all postings. Postings must be in good taste (remember your Netiquette, see the Policies section below) and to the point. Constructive criticism and honest assessment of each others ideas is encouraged. The Rubric posted in the Resources section of the classroom will be utilized to grade these assignments.Discussion Question responses must be substantive. There are two elements of substance: one is content and the other is length of response. Content is obvious, you must fully cover the issue. Primary responses (each question, some weeks there are more than one question) must be 250 words at a minimum.