Describe your own sociolinguistic background

Actually I did this essay and got fail about it. he told me t you need to understand that the real problem with your submission in that case was that you appear to have plagiarized parts of it from web resources. I\’m willing to accept that it was an error, but you need to be careful not to take any shortcuts this time.
So my professor give me chance to do it again. I will upload the my essay that i did before.
I;m from Korea so you can make interviewr who from australia or other countries
Guided Sociolinguistic project (25 points): In the first assignment you will provide a sociolinguistic profile of yourself and a parallel profile of an interviewee from a different language and/or cultural background. Your interviewee may be one of your classmates, a friend, family member or workmate.
The final report should include two parts:
The profile consisting of
A description of your own sociolinguistic background (up to 5 marks)
A description of your interviewees sociolinguistic background (up to 5 marks)
The reflection on the similarities and differences between you and your interviewee. Within this section of the discussion, you should include some (or all) of the following: (up to 15 marks)
Identification of specific linguistic features that distinguish you from your interviewee (e.g. pronunciation differences marking regional differences; vocabulary usage that marks your background). (This would be a good place to use some techniques from dialect surveys from the reading and lecture)
What accounts for those differences? (regional differentiation? social distance? age? different native language? Etc.)
How significant are the differences in terms of communication? (barely noticeable? Significant enough to potentially interfere with communication?)
I am expecting that the final submission will be in the form of a descriptive/ reflective essay. It should include sociolinguistic profiles of yourself and your interviewee, and a reflection of the observations of differences and/or similarities between you and your subject in terms of language background and how that is reflected in language use.
The rubric places some emphasis on using terminology correctly. This requirement only holds for terms and concepts that have been covered in lectures and reading. Be careful of your use of terms that have been the focus of our first few weeks of instruction (language, dialect, accent, register, variable, variant, etc.).