Designing an Assessment Program

Below are the instructions for this assignment as provided by my university:

Aim: the purpose of this task is to familiarise you with the range of assessment options
available to teachers and the need to design assessments that are fit for purpose. You will
be assessed on your ability to
Identify the core concepts relating to a topic in your chosen KLA and clearly identify
the links between concepts
Design appropriate assessment types to align with the outcomes and justify them
with reference to the Anderson & Krathwohl taxonomy
Demonstrate deep and critical understanding of assessment principals and theory.
1. Select a KLA area from the relevant NSW Syllabus as the focus for your assessment
plan and provide a 1 page concept map of the 10 week sequence (or unit of work)
1.1. the core concepts
1.2. links between the individual concepts and the unit
2. Add and complete the table template provided in iLearn outlining the following:
2.1. The timing of each task
2.2. Outcomes targeted by each task code + wording
2.3. Content/skills/processes being assessed
2.4. A detailed description of each task and indicators
2.5. Justification for each task, making reference to the
Anderson & Krathwohl taxonomy (200-300 words)
2.6. Rationale for the assessment program with reference to
the theory and principles of assessment covered in the unit (1000 words)

3. There should be 5 assessment tasks, two of them must be summative in nature.
4. Referencing is important. Unit texts and other literature must be used. Research
literature is vital. Proper APA a must!
NB. Lack of citations in text will result in an automatic fail.
5. You are NOT being asked to write a unit of work or teaching program. You ARE being
asked to design assessment around content that would form the basis of a unit of
work or program.
6. To gain a Pass grade in this task you need to provide a coherent and logically
structured response with correct referencing
The marking rubric for this task provides details of the levels/standards to which the above
could be achieved. Papers over 2000 words (including references) will be subject to a
reduction in marks to the maximum of one whole grade.