Determine the stakeholders including two health care professionals.

1. Determine the stakeholders including two health care professionals in the case scenario;
2. Differentiate the ethical and legal conflicts and explain them from the following perspectives:
? The dignity and rights of all stakeholders in this case
? The principles and virtues of health care ethics that inform professional practice
? The relevant codes of ethics and/or codes of professional conduct
3. Propose a legally and ethically defensible resolution to these conflicts

Elsie Lee, 88 years old had recently moved to a Residential Aged Care Facility (RAC). She had difficulty
mobilizing due to severe rheumatoid arthritis as well as short-term memory and vision impairment. Elsie
also had a history of AMI, removal of bilateral cataracts, and a (L) hip replacement four years ago. On
admission to the RAC facility, on Tuesday afternoon, the Nurse Manager suggested that Elsie consider
making out an advanced care directive (ACD), indicating what she would want done in the event that her
health should deteriorate. Elsie agreed and awaited the help of her family when they visited on Sunday.
She was pleased to have this opportunity as, although she had discussed her wishes with her family, she
wanted to make it clear to staff caring for her that she did not want aggressive treatment of any kind and
did not want to be resuscitated. On Friday night, Elsie developed severe chest pain which radiated down
her (L) shoulder, an irregular pulse and a BP of 73/48 and the RN on duty called the ambulance. Elsie
pleaded with the paramedics to leave her as she was; the R.N. insisted that they transport Elsie to
hospital as she had not filled out an ACD indicating otherwise. In transit to the hospital, Elsie suffered a
cardiac arrest. The paramedics attempted resuscitation but were unsuccessful. On arrival to the ED, Elsie
was pronounced dead. Her family determined that Elsies death was brought on by the stress of being
moved to hospital. They decided to sue the R.N., the paramedics and the RAC facility for assault and