These answers do not need to be to comprehensive as it is the short answers section of my course work (Business Diploma, Manage business document design and development). I have paid for 8 pages which should cover all the work.

Consider this scenario. You have a role as the knowledge manager of a major hospital. You recently amended some of the templates used by your organisation. You have decided to create explanatory notes which will be used by employees involved in document production. Design two versions of the explanatory notes.

The first version must be suitable for use by new employees who are unfamiliar with the organisations processes and have never used standard templates or macros. (Make up any details about the fictional hospital and document production methods which are necessary to complete this task.)


The second version must be suitable for use by experienced staff members who regularly use templates and macros. (Make up any details about the fictional hospital and document production methods which are necessary to complete this task.)


Use your research skills to locate at least three versions of training notes or instructions which an organisation has used to explain one or more processes or systems to employees or clients/ customers. Analyse the content, format and language style of the notes. Assess whether, in your view, the notes are suitable for existing and future users. Explain your reasoning.

Send a copy of the notes you analysed (eg by mail/ fax) and submit your analysis for assessment.

Activity 12


Consider this scenario. You are the human resources manager in charge of training in a petroleum company. You have been asked to design and develop a comprehensive new training system which will be used to ensure those employees who use templates and macros have the required knowledge and skills.

Prepare a presentation which you could deliver to the board of directors in which you provide details of your training strategy. Ensure you include information about the provision of a training program which will suit the needs of all employees who will use templates and macros.

If possible, deliver the presentation to your trainer. If not, submit your presentation for assessment.


Prepare a script which you could use to deliver an onsite training session to teach inexperienced secretaries to:
Create a new template.
Record a macro to insert one paragraph of text.
Test the macro.

Provide details of any training methods you will utilise and visual aids you will rely upon.

Activity 13


Choose an organisation with which you are familiar. It could be somewhere you have worked or visited. It might be a public library, school, sporting club etc.

Design a set of procedures which the organisation could use to produce, circulate, name and store master files and print copies of templates and macros.


Undertake research; find out what options are available to digitally sign master files before storage. Write a report in which you set out your findings including the benefits of digital signatures and the procedures which can be used to create them.