developmental psychology and psychobiology


one is a psychobiology research report (1000 words plus abstract and APA referencing) and the other is a developmental psychology literature review

This is a literature review for a second year university developmental psychology subject. 1500 words and needs to be submitted on the 5th november. this is not for a dissertation, i just didn\’t know what else to select. i need this to be graded above 75% as this paper is with 40% of my overall grade. i will attach the instructions, an example of a literature review that was awarded a HD from my lecturer, and the marking criteria. the sources must be relevant peer reviewed journal articles.

Topic 2. Gender stereotypes in toy play, appearance.
In recent years, there has been increasing research support for the similarity hypothesis between the genders (Hyde, 2005, 2014). Despite this, young childrens gender stereotypic behaviour remains strong in toy play and appearance (e.g., girls dressed as princesses and boys as superheroes). Critically examine the factors that contribute to young children conforming to gender stereotypic behaviour in their toy play and their appearance. In your review:
1) Discuss the theoretical explanations regarding how socialization practices of parents, peers, the media, may influence childrens gender stereotypic behaviour.
2) Evaluate the research support for the influence of socialization on childrens gender stereotypic behaviour. For example, consider methodological issues such as study design (e.g., cross sectional versus longitudinal studies), the extent to which studies control for variables that might be confounded with gender, and sample characteristics.