DISCIPLINE OF MEDICAL RADIATIONS Privacy and confidentiality supplementary assessment

Aim of the task: To demonstrate you understand the importance of privacy and
confidentiality in the clinical environment. The essay you submit should address
Privacy and Confidentiality issues/rights relating to state and federal government
legislation in Australia as a medical radiation practioner AND demonstrate a satisfactory standard of writing at a tertiary level.

Task: You are required to write a 500 word fully referenced essay discussing the
application of the privacy and confidentiality legislation to the health care
environment (Medical Radiations) with reference to the privacy statute.

You may wish to respond to the following questions:

How may my patient be identified through what I have provided in my
assignment submission?

In the clinical environment, in what instances may I breach confidentiality
and privacy?

How can I maintain patient and organisation privacy through social media?

What are the best measures to maintain patient privacy?

very important >>> The following websites will be a useful resource for you:
Victorian Health Privacy principles:
Australian Charter of Health Care Rights

General requirements
– 500 words (minimum)
– APA 6th referencing
– maximum 600 words