Discursive Design

Abridged “Citation” Essay: 800-1500 wordsFrom Dada, to Discursive DesignThe seeds of Modernism, from Dada’s Marcel Duchamp (the patron saint of Conceptual Art & Design), and DeStijl’s Mondrian & Gerrit Rietvelt, had celebrated the value of ideas rather than objects. This took a same arc in Scandinavian Design, characterised thru the valuing of phenomenal experiences, than the simplistic consumption or possession of material things.In the mean time, sweeping thru Italy, following what was staid “Bel Design”, the idea of cultural transformation held an important basis for “rhetorical design” approaches by Anti-Design groups and then Memphis, all so as to shake and critique the over-rationalised European & Cross-Atlantic Modernist causes with Bauhaus’ “a house is a machine for living in.” Post-modernism, with Deconstructionism, questioned meanings of designs, by breaking down design vernaculars while encompassing semiotics as language of form and function.Sweeping thru contemporary Dutch Design, theoretical and experimental design approaches signaled the Duchampian mode of conceptual questioning, interrogated the “meaning of design” to discover the purposes, the why’s and the what’s of design, other than that design is for consumption. Objects, became of lesser importance than processes and concepts, by which then, discursive design began to pre-empt the imaginations of what futures of design, can inform ideas and objects of design, by thought experiments, and by asking what urgencies can better drive meaningful and sensible design.Research above key terms, and extract key quotations, proclaiming statements,to condense a critically abridged essay about the essential values, ideas/ideals, tenets and informed philosophies, signified along with various stages flow & changes of the above-mentioned design movements.Note:-Talk about \’Parametricism\’-Illustrate your abridged essay with a historical time line of key title movements. (pls see attached)-Include a citation bibliography of quotations and statements-The attached presentations should help