Discuss about World War II Poster Campaigns: Preaching Frugality to American Consumers

Students will write a 3-5 page subjective essay paper based on an article found in a scholarly journal.

The paper should have your own title and also a citation of the article you have chosen.

One: Go over the reading, determine the authors thesis (what the author is arguing) and develop your own thesiswhat it is you are going to argue in your paper. You may agree or disagree with the authors thesis but you are expected to analyze the argument[s] presented in the article.
Two: Write an opening paragraph presenting the thesis of your paper.
Three: Back up your thesis with examples from the article. When citing a particular example or passage, note the source and page number in parenthesis e.g., (Segev, 95). Do not use long quotesuse your own words.
Four: End your paper with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the argument or arguments you have presented in your paper.

This is not a research paper and students should not consult any other sources. The focus of this paper should be on the article you select.