Discuss Disparities in breast cancer mortality among African-American women

This assignment is a continuation of the theoretical perspective essay attached titled \”Disparities in breast cancer mortality among African-American women\”.

The question to answer for the 2 page essay I\’m requesting is:

Describe some proposed next steps for addressing the issue.

Do you feel more research is needed to better understand the problem in a given population? If so, describe how that research could help move us toward eliminating this inequity.

Do you feel that enough is known about the problem, and we should be moving towards intervention? If this is the case, describe what approaches you would use (e.g. policy recommendations, systems change, community-level programming, etc.).

This was part of a group assignment. I have attached the entire essay here.

For this assignment no need for introduction, just straight into answering the question above. This should be 2 pages. APA format, double-spaced, 12 point font, 2 spaces after a period. Minimum 3 references.