Discuss Dissociative Identity Disorder

For this assignment you will have the opportunity to learn more about a psychological disorder then what was covered in class. You will pick a disorder from the provided list and will complete a 3 to 5 page paper in APA format addressing the following topics as they relate to your selected physiological disorder:
Overview & Diagnostic criteria of the disorder
Brief history/background information

Instructions for responses
Overview & Diagnostic criteria (10 points)
Please provide an overview of your selected disorder including characteristics. You will need to describe the diagnostic criteria utilized to diagnose this disorder as well utilizing the DSM-V diagnostic criteria. Please cite where you found your criteria.

History/Background (10 points)
Please provide a brief description about the history of the disorder. Things to look for are a) when was the disorder established, b) what were the reasons for creating this disorder, c) did this disorder exist as a different disorder in the past, etc. You can talk about any controversies or stigmas that have existed surrounding this disorder in this section. Please cite your information.

Epidemiology (10 points)
Please provide epidemiological statistics (prevalence, incidence, lifetime prevalence) for your disorder. You need to provide a) overall prevalence data, b) gender difference data, and c) data on at least 2 subgroups of your choice (e.g. African-Americans & Asian-Americans, or children & adults). Please cite your information.

Etiology (10 points)
Please provide information about the etiological theories of your disorder. Your answer should include at least 2 different approaches/perspectives about the cause of the disorder you chose. Please cite your information.

Treatment (10 points)
Please describe at least 2 treatment approaches to your disorder. Your response should provide a brief explanation of how the treatment targets your disorder. Please cite your information.

APA FORMATTING (Introduction & Conclusion: 10 points; Formatting/ Grammar: 15 points)

This paper must be in APA format. That includes a running head, page numbers, and cover page, introduction, in text citations, conclusion, and a reference page. The introduction and conclusion will be worth 5 points each (10 points total). The cover and reference pages do not count toward your page limit. Please refer to the APA guidelines available through the Ivy Tech library via Blackboard, or ask me if you are unsure of your APA formatting.
Your paper must be typed, double spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins. Pay attention to other APA requirements in regards to formatting. Grammar, spelling and writing quality count!
You must use at least three references for this paper. Only two of them can come from required or recommended texts. I would suggest utilizing peer reviewed scholarly journals for articles pertaining to your chosen psychological disorder. An article search engine (EBSCO-host) is available on the Ivy Tech library site via Blackboard. You may use other sources, but make sure they are reliable (not Wikipedia for example).
Your references must be current. Do not use any resources that are dated earlier than 2011.