Discuss Emotional Development in Infancy and Toddler Development

1)The purpose of this assignment is to consider the stages of attachment from birth to one year, and emotional development and psychosocial crisis in infancy.
a) Briefly discuss attachment patterns and what you see as the most significant impact on the development of attachment.
b) Describe strategies that caretakers can implement to promote the child\’s ability to regulate emotions as he or she develops

2)Toddlerhood is marked with an array of emotions, behavior, and a search for autonomy. There are many developmental tasks that are unfolding and contributing to the successful mastering of psychosocial crisis (Newman & Newman, 2015).
a) Considering the psychosocial crisis in toddlerhood of autonomy versus shame and doubt, explain how caregivers can encourage healthy toddler development.


Newman, B. M., & Newman, P. R. (2015). Development through life: A psychosocial approach (12th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage.