Discuss how Poe questions Americans’ assumptions about death

:Gothic literature is meant to make us question things we think we know. Poe often questions our understanding of death in his writings. Drawing on at least two of Poe’s works from this week, discuss how Poe questions Americans’ assumptions about death in his writing. Or, in other words, what does Poe do to undermine that belief, either in his characters or his readers?Do you see any other beliefs or topics that Poe questions repeatedly throughout his writings?Required Readings:Poe’s “Ligeia”http://poestories.com/read/ligeiaPoe’s “The Raven”http://www.heise.de/ix/raven/Literature/Lore/TheRaven.htmlPoe’s “The Imp of the Perverse”http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2148/2148-h/2148-h.htm#2H_4_0011Poe’s “Annabel Lee”http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174151Kathy Prendergast’s “The Gothic Tradition” (Read part 2 only, beginning midway down the page)http://www.usask.ca/english/frank/gothtrad.htmHarris’s “Elements of the Gothic Novel”http://www.virtualsalt.com/gothic.htmGrading Criteria:1. Quotes at least 3 specific points/passages from the article or reading. (6 points)2. Discussion at a critical level, not just recitation of facts from the article. (8 points)3. Length of entry approximately 2 word processing pages (500-600 words). (6 points)