DISCUSS How Russian Government involve in economy

It is a presentation. so I need at least 3 graphs for me to describe. I want to talk about the markets where Russia has strong position and bad position. In addition, I want to talk about Russian Official Development Assistance and GDP of Russia.

You and your group members are collectively responsible for producing documents at your workplace. In a surprise decision, administration has just informed you that the company will be relocating its office to the country you have been assigned. While this new location was strategically chosen, rumors say for purposes of tax evasion, no one in your company is an expert in that country or in how to do business there. The company will take care of the plans and costs of relocation, but the employees do not travel often and are unfamiliar with the hurdles they will face.
You and your colleagues have been assigned the task of creating a user-friendly manual on business and negotiating styles of an assigned country, a succinct how-to guide for conducting business, and anything else you think a businessperson in unfamiliar territory would need to succeed in this new locale. This could include: an economic assessment of the target country, its demographics, its receptivity to foreign investment, and other statistical details that you think will help your audience function in this space and gain a better understanding of the location. Remember that this is not tourist brochure: beaches and bars are peripheral at best. Remember, also, that you are only as credible as the evidence you present. One final and very important note: your boss tends to be hands-off and sees his job as taking care of the big picture. He wants to see your final product, but isnt the type to spend time nurturing you. He hires self-starters and thats what he expects from all of his employees.