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Research Paper Planning and Requirements

Due: Week 9

The following provides information concerning the requirements for your research paper. A suggested schedule is provided so you can you meet the deadline.

Each HR function has components that are either (a) required by law, (b) possibly mandated in a union contract, (c) addressed in company policy, and/or (d) guided by the organizations strategy, mission, culture, and values. Thus, these components should be briefly included in your analysis of the topic you select.

The objectives:
To explore your chosen HR topic from a perspective that provides you with information about how the HR system, and the related policies, procedures, communications, programs, and activities support the organization\’s strategy. For example,

Target Stores mission is to make Target the preferred shopping destination for our guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling our Expect More. Pay Less. brand promise\” (https://corporate.target.com/about). Target will have a strategy to support this mission. How might the HR Department support this strategy and develop its strategy to fulfill Targets mission? A few examples might include:
Designing jobs that provide employees the freedom to make decisions
Establishing criteria that define the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) employees should possess to make these decisions
Creating training programs that assist employees in acquiring and continually enhancing these KSAOs
Developing a rewards and compensation system that acknowledges and rewards behaviors that fulfill the mission, etc.
Identify and apply related applicable federal laws to the topic
Identify applicable HR measurements and address how metrics and/or methods should be used to measure HR\’s contributions to the organization\’s strategic success.
Address the dual role the HR leader plays (1) in proposing, creating, and administering this HR topic, and (2) as a member of the top management team (TMT).

Content should include:
A clearly-stated research question
Students who have not taken UCSP 615 or need additional writing assistance should contact a Graduate School writing tutor. Access to this free service is provided in the Course Content section of the classroom.
Compelling argument for the authors position and/or research question
Specific examples and resources to support the argument(s)
A logical conclusion based on the argument(s) presented
Highlights of limitations of the research covered in the paper, as well as opportunities for future research

This content of the paper should be eight (8) pages long (maximum), plus:
Cover sheet
Abstract page,
Body, and
References page(s)
A maximum of one table, and only if it is required to provide critical information
Only one bulleted list

Do not include any other appendices.

Reference Requirements:
At least:
Six (6) peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles (use UMUCs Library Data Bases)
One (1) source from a U.S. federal government (.gov) web site
One (1) practitioner publications (e.g., HR Magazine, T&D)
.com or .edu web sites should not be used
HR-related .org web sites may be used if they are professional HR-related organizations, (e.g., SHRM.org, ATD.org)
Books should not be used in a paper of this length.
Because the HRM field has been changing rapidly in the last few decades, make sure your resources are current. Sources published prior to 2009 should be avoided, except when some brief history of the topic is necessary.

Use APA style formatting, with sources properly cited, each with a matching reference.
Remember that, even if you do not quote, you still have to cite and reference to tell your readers where you obtained your information.

Writing Style:

This is a research paper, thus please do not:
Write in the 1st or 2nd person (I, me, my, we, us, you, your, our, etc.)
Share personal stories or workplace situations
Express your beliefs, feelings, or opinions on the subject


Remember that you may not submit work that was created for any other class, including a previous semester of HRMD 610. This was part of the Academic Integrity Pledge you signed at the beginning of the term.

The professor reserves the right to submit student papers to determine the originality percentage at his or her discretion. A good rule of thumb is that no more than 20% of a paper should be from direct quotes.

Submissions Due:

Submit by the due date listed in the schedule
Late work penalties, as defined in the class Syllabus, will be applied.


I always get very interesting papers and learn a lot from what students research and write. Thus, I genuinely look forward to reading your papers! Enjoy your research!