Discuss Infant and Child Development

Write a 3-4 page (double-spaced, 12-pt font) analysis of the study (not including cover page and references page – total will be 5-6 pages). Your paper should have three sections:

1. First, summarize the study (title, authors, purpose, methods, results, and implications). You should demonstrate your ability to extract out important information from a research study. Your summary should not be a detailed description of the entire study.

2. Tie in the study with course material covered in HD310. How does this study fit in with what you have learned this semester? Which specific topics covered in this course are discussed in the study you have read? Do the findings support, expand on, or conflict with material covered in the class and how?

3.Critique the study and suggest a next step for future research. What were there problems or limitations in the methodology? What are some questions left unanswered by this research? Design a researchers next step based on your critique.