Discuss innovation roles

Goal: This assignment is intended to help you understand and recognize the range of roles required to bring about an innovation.Guidance: Your analysis will portray and describe the key roles played in the innovation process in a selected business. Students may select an innovative business from the list of Fast Company or Inc. 5000 companies to analyze for this assignment. You are encouraged to select novel companies that have been rated as top innovators on annual lists of FastCompany, Inc. Magazine, or other sites. For instance, see http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)For your selected business or organization (and an identifiable innovation in that business), explain how each innovation role can or would play a part in its ultimate success.Requirement: At least 8 innovation roles are expected to be identified and analyzed in this assignment. The scope of your analysis is expected to be about 5 single-spaced pages, including references. A suggested format for this assignment would look something like this:• Brief introduction of the company/organization, including its basic mission and some of the types of innovations it produces. (no more than one page)• Innovation role descriptions as they are (or could be) mapped to this particular organization. At least 8 roles should be portrayed and mapped to who in the organization might play that particular role, the nature of the role, and the organizational context for each role. Draw upon the video lectures in module 7 on innovation roles and the resource materials posted in the module 7 discussions as a basic description of those roles. (no more than 4 pages)• Reference sources for the descriptions you provide in parts A and B. It is expected that students will search the web sites of their selected organization to find basic descriptive and mission materials. It’s likely that these organizations will have descriptions about their innovation strategies on their web sites as well. Further searching of the internet, Google Scholar, and various news sites will yield useful information to describe these innovation roles (as needed).