Discuss Media and Society

Hi again, for this week i have to read: Naomi Klein: Fruits, not roots: the disastrous merger of big business and big green. I have to write 200 words again. to write about how i feel about this, to express my feelings. Please DO NOT COPY from anywhere because it is not allowed. You can help yourself with some sentences from the text but do not copy it. – try to make it as interesting as you can.Please it is very important to use your own words and expression. Not copy and paste from the internet. Again to have INTRODUCTION, BODY AND CONCLUSION. and please use simple sentences and words as possible so i can understand. Keep the way as you was doing everything now! I really like it.

I will upload the file on here but you can also find the book in the internet. I cannot upload it here because the format its too big. I am going to upload it as a Mic Word Doc.

Thank you so much!