Discuss Nano- Biotechnological advances for diabetic wound healing

I have this Project and I need deep search on following points 1 and 2:

1.Recent advancement and state of the art in wound healing diabetic
a.Growth factor delivery base therapy.
-Fibrin Based scaffold (VEGEF and bFGF nanoparticles)
(Losi et al., 2013)
b.Anti bacterial nanoparticles

-Cerium oxide nanoparticles
(Chaudhury et al., 2013)
curcumin-loaded poly(?-caprolactone) (PCL)/gum -tragacanth (GT) (PCL/GT/Cur) nanofibers
(Ranjbar-Mohammadi et al., 2016)
c.Extracellular matrix.
d.Astragaloside IV diabetic wound healing
(Luo et al., 2016)
and any Important Factors the writer recommend .

2.Challenges and Future trends
The following is the rest of my project Just for your information:
1. Introduction 4
2. Biology of Diabetes and Wound Healing 4
2.1. Diabetes 4
2.2. Wound healing in diabetic patients 5
2.3. Biotechnological Strategies and Tissue engineering solutions for wound healing in diabetic patients 5
3.Current research in diabetic 7
diabetic wound healing 7
4.Challenges and Future trends 7
5. Conclusion 7
6. References 8