Discuss ntervention Plan for special education class

Hi writer,This paper is my final paper and needs to be done perfectly please. Please read everything and follow all the instructions. For example it says by part one I need 100 words I really need it to 100 not less. It could be more but not less at all. Before you start the paper please read this whole thing and then start and follows everything. I underlined and made bold a lot of stuff please look out for those as it has to be answered perfectly. Please let me know if you have any questions***I will attach a Case study IRI paper please use that to do this paper. It is an intervention plan based on the results of the IRI. Please read the Case Study IRI carefully and do then start with the paper. After you read it below are 6 things that need to be answered based on the case study IRI. Please do exactly as it says.The intervention program will be based on the results of the informal reading inventory (Attached is my Case Study IRI). Candidates will develop a plan that is designed to address the needs of the child and describe how and why this program, the steps and activities will benefit the student. The candidate will analyze and reflect on the program. Each activity will be discussed in detail. Assessment discussion should specify which assessments will be used and the rationale, how often they will be administered. Identify the areas and skills that will be assessed. Candidates will use information, if the child has or has not mastered, the skill, to create next steps. An explanation of how assessments, including formative and summative assessments, will be used for further planning should be included. Intervention plan should be aligned with the common core standards ( please Google for more info). Course texts and outside sources will be used to support discussion.The intervention program should include the following sections.1.Abstract- that summarizes the paper. It should be written after you have completed the paper. Abstract is clearly written and summarizes paper in accordance with Perdue guidelines (I attached a link bellow) in 100 words or more. Three sources are cited from the text.Please see: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/752/04/2. Rationale for intervention decisions – Describes how and why program decisions were made. Rationale is clearly written in 350 words or more and includes how and why intervention decisions were made and how this program will be beneficial to the child. Three sources are cited from the text.3- Program description- explanation of the program including implementation, next steps and activities. Explanation of the program including how it will be implemented and the steps and activities that will benefit the child; clearly written in 400 words or more. Next steps should be included as indicated. Three sources are cited from the text.4- Assessments – describe which assessments will be used, how they will be administered, what will be assessed and how assessments will be used. A thorough description, in 400 words or more, of the assessments that will be used and the rationale, how often they will be administered, what areas and skills will be assessed and how the results will be used to develop further lesson plans including how the assessments are linked to the intervention program and State standards/Core Curriculum Learning Standards. Three sources are cited from the text. (Please answer everything its asking in this part)5- Conclusion -including suggestions for teachers and parents. Conclusion includes sharing assessment results with and offering specific suggestions for parents and teachers. 3 sources are cited from the text.6- Bibliography- Includes at least 18 uniquely cited sources from different resources cited from the text.