Discuss one of Piagets stages of development and consider the implications of his ideas for practice.

-1500 words max
– Journal Article and Books. Don\’t use simplepsychology and psychology today

– I\’m focusing on pre operational stage, Briefly mention other stage also but main focus pre operational
-The characteristic pre operational
– please provide examples
– Piaget research like interview, experiments (Three Mountain)
– Discuss also how to support and question piaget findings
-Hugh experiment and compare the different
– Ethic behind research on the children
-Piaget failed effect on social setting and culture on cognitive development
– Intro Lev Vygotsky who filled the gap from sociocultural perspectives, explain briefly
– Important terms, Zone proximal development and Scaffolding
– compare piaget and vygotsky theories and any different, similar ideas.
– Agree or Disagree with findings and theories (support with research)