Discuss organization behavior

Choose two topics from our course and two articles on each topic, for a total of four articles. They can be general articles from business publications (like The People Who Make Organizations Go or Stop) or case studies or any combination of the two.
Summarize the articles in your own words. At the end of each article, add one or two paragraphs of personal opinion on anything related to the article. For example: why you chose the article, whether you agree with it, whether it applies to the UAE or to your company/companies, etc.
Here is the trick: You personally are responsible for each others articles. That means they should all have the same quality of writing and analysis. It should not be obvious to me that they were written by three, four, or five people. This requires coordination, which is part of working in a group.
Finally, include a summary of how you worked together. When did you meet? Who did what?

For more information about Course:
3.1 Course Description
Organizational Behavior examines the relationship between the individual, the group, and the organization. The course covers leadership, motivation, communications, group dynamics, decision-making, interpersonal relations, and change. In this course, case studies, experiential learning, conceptual frameworks, and fieldwork are included. Also, specific topics such as being an entrepreneurial leader, working well with others, creating and leading effective organizations, and leading change will be covered.

3.2 Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
At the conclusion of the course students are expected to:
1. Propose means to improve company performance by applying theories of motivation.
2. Analyze group dynamics and be able to give and receive feedback, manage conflict, and work cross-culturally.
3. Practice performance management.
4. Analyze the complexities of organizational culture.
5. Plan for leading change.

For your topics, you need to access the online library of ADSM and choose two articles for each topic. After reading these articles, you are required to produce one detailed report (3000 words) emphasizing the critical analysis of each article you have selected. In the report, you need to provide your personal reflection and debate as a team supported by practical examples and highlighting your recommendations for improving the ideas discussed in these articles. Each member of the team has to provide evidence of his/her contribution to the project and log of the meetings minutes. Each member will be marked and graded according to the provided evidences of contribution.

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