Discuss Reducing end stage renal disease in african americans with hypertension through education and lifestyles changes.

This is the paper instruction: When proposing a research study and/or identifying a clinical problem to investigate, it is often helpful to identify a theory, framework, or model to help guide the study. This assignment will require NURS 818 students to first identify a broad topic, purpose, and rough research questions for the paper they will write this semester.
Next, students will select a theory or framework, which will logically help guide the respective inquiry. The student will briefly describe the theory or framework as it was originally created. For instance, if the student selects the Unpleasant Symptoms Theory, you will describe the important aspects or portions that make up the theory as it was originally created. It is advisable when appropriate to use figures of the theory or framework to help inform. It is at this stage in the paper that the student will provide two brief examples of how other researchers have used models or theories in their own respective work.
Next, the student will logically describe how the selected theory or model applies specifically to their clinical problem or inquiry. This is perhaps the most difficult but crucial portion of the assignment for many students as they tend to successfully explain the model in broad terms, but can have difficulty describing how they intend to use the model for their own work. But this is the most point heavy aspect of the paper. Thus it should be very specific.
It is anticipated that this assignment will be logically written, well organized, written in proper grammar, cited appropriately and using appropriate APA format.
Papers should be 8-10 pages long (not including the title page, tables, figures, references). Tables and figures should be presented after the references in proper APA format. Five points will be subtracted from the paper if it is less than 8 pages in length or more than 10 pages (not including the title page and references). There is no need to submit an abstract to this paper.
Grading Rubric (100 point total)
1. Introduction of paper, which includes stating the possible topic, purpose, and research questions of the planned study (15 points). (2 pages)
2. Identify a theory, framework, or model and discuss it fully with figures supplementing the explanation (20 points). (2-3 pages)
3. Present two examples where prior researchers have used the theory or framework n their own respective studies (15 points). (1 page)
4. Explain how the theory or framework will be utilized to help guide the proposed study (30 points). (3-4 pages).
5. Assignment is written logically, succinct, and is well organized; usage of proper grammar and spelling (10 points).
6. Assignment utilizes appropriate APA format and has at least 15 appropriate references (10 points). References should be current (within the past 5 years) unless the articles are considered classic. Primary references describing the theory should be used. Depending on the origin of the theory, these references may be older then 5 years.

Here My introduction i wrote for My research topic:
Four years of working on a medical intensive care unit, I have seen effects of hypertension in the African American population leading chronic condition. I am more sadden by the amount of African American patients who has high blood pressure that resulted in end-stage renal disease(ESRD). Patients with hypertension with proper education, follow through of treatment regimen and dietary changes made it could have totally been prevented from reaching to ESRD. Hypertension can lead to heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease; which can result in ESRD failure in the African American population; the majority of people will have their blood pressure elevation detected early and with treatment measures it can return to normal(Moulton). According to Jones, Tucker & Herman (2009) African Americans have poorer nutrition habits compared to other gender and ethnic groups. African American women understand the importance of a healthy diet, they are not always able to translate this understanding into healthy lifestyle practices (Jones, Tucker & Herman, 2009). African Americans with high blood pressure may not be treated because they seldom visit a physician, and there are others who drop out of treatment or refrain from taking the treatment prescribed (Moulton, 2009). As an advanced practice nurse, I want to make a difference by educating African Americans regarding the implications of uncontrolled hypertension and the importance of lifestyle and dietary changes for effective blood pressure control to prevent ESRD.

Moulton, S. A. (January 01, 2009). Hypertension in African Americans and its related chronic diseases. Journal of Cultural Diversity, 16, 4, 165-70.

Jones, J., Tucker, C., & Herman, K. (2009). Stress and nutrition among African American women with hypertension. American Journal Of Health Behavior, 33(6), 661-672.

Here some article i copied and pasted with refernces if it will be of help but i need 15 refernces peer reveiw article.