Discuss TEG emergency power supply

A year ago I have designed and build a thermos that can change the thermal energy into electrical energy to charge a phone in emergency sytuations.I\’ve decided to write the final paper about my creationThe research question is: \”How does the ambient temperature influence the electrical energy production of the TEG Generator\”The paper has no word limit just the page limit of 12 pages although work with many graphs can exceed it without penalty.The paper needs to be written according to the IB criteria (in attachment)All data that I gathered during experiments are in the excel sheets I\’ve already made some interesting graphs that are worth including in the paper. I also thought that it would be good to mention Newton\’s cooling law as an explanation of the exponential decay of the power vs time data. Such work should be about 12 pages from my own experience 2200 words is more than enough for 12 pages when calculations and graphs are implemented. The paper is the research paper so it shouldn\’t be mostly text but mostly graphs and calculations. Please if any calculations are done each step should be written and explained (but only if it is not common knowledge for IB Physics). Each graph should be throuaughtly analysed for trends and explained. Inclusion of relevant diagrams is very important in the attathment there are two that I\’ve made they should be included.If you have any questions about how my invention worked or any other please ask.