Discuss the benefits that could come to you, your community, healthcare consumers in the district, and other members of the nursing ?

After doing the assigned readings and participating in your clinical experiences, select 4 of the following 9 topics. Write a thoughtful paper that reflects a synthesis of knowledge, clinical experiences, inquiry, and application of information. Include a header for each question. You must use a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed sources and they must be less than five years old.
Remember, when referencing clinical situations, do not use personal or other identifying information relating to persons cared for.
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1. Complete an online leadership and management style inventory to discover your leadership style or preference. There are multiple sites available and all are very similar. The free sites are adequate for this assignment. Give examples of situations in which you observed or experienced any of the various styles in clinical. In what ways have they been effective or ineffective for you or for those with whom you have worked? Which style may have been a better approach in the situation?
2. Recall a situation in your clinical experiences in which an ethical decision was being made. If you have not been involved in this process yet, ask your preceptor to share an experience with you. Be sure only to discuss the situation as a case scenario without use of names of persons involved. Which ethical decision-making principles came into play? What impact did the ANA and/or ICN codes of ethics have on the decision that was made?
???????????????????3. Investigate the current health policy priorities for your states nurses association. Then, address the following:
?o Discuss the benefits that could come to you, your community, healthcare consumers in the district, and other members of the nursing
?profession if proposed priorities were supported.
?o Develop a plan of action to educate your state senators and representatives about these priorities. (Include a copy of the email or letter
?you would send.)
Explore the planning hierarchy as it relates to your clinical agency. Discuss the level of involvement of your unit manager or charge nurse in the
?planning process.
?o What are some good and/or ineffective time management strategies you have observed nurses using at your clinical training sites?
?Compare and contrast these strategies to your approach to time management. Discuss the effectiveness and/or deficiencies of each
?approach. What adjustments will you make to improve your time management skills?
?o Describe a change that is occurring in your clinical agency. What has been or is the process for the change? Explain the intended
?outcomes as a result of the change. Discuss driving and restraining forces and how these have been addressed during the change
?????????5. Write a description of your clinical agency that addresses the following:
???NR446 RUA.docx Revised 8/8/16 NG
o type of healthcare delivery system,
o the organizational structure (top-down, flat, horizontal, etc.),
o the organizational decision-making process (shared, participatory, etc.),
o the congruency between the organizational process of the healthcare system and the nursing unit, and o the organizational culture and climate of the agency.
Compare and contrast the nursing care delivery model used on the unit within which you are working with one of the other nursing care delivery models described in your readings.
o Reflect on why you think the unit chose the model it uses.
o What are the advantages and disadvantages of the model chosen by the unit?
Describe the process of acquiring, orientating, and socializing new staff used by the managers on your unit. Applying the information from your
???????????readings related to staffing, describe the staffing patterns on your clinical unit.
?o Discuss the role of staff nurses in scheduling for the unit.
?o Based on what you have experienced and observed in your clinical sites and the principles of transition into practice–Discuss the role of
?staff nurses in scheduling for the unit.
?o What do you expect will be the most difficult adjustment in your first nursing role?
?o Describe actions and strategies you can take that will facilitate your adjustment into the
????Reflect on the various clinical experiences youve had so far. Compare and contrast the working climates in those situations with your current
?assignment. Describe evidence of staff motivation youve observed.
?o Were there any barriers to motivation?
?o What strategies did managers or others use to motivate the staff?
?o Discuss an area of conflict youve experienced or observed in any of the clinical experiences to this point.
?o Describe the approaches to conflict resolution you observed or participated in. What was the outcome? Were the approaches used
?effective, or would another strategy have been more beneficial?
Describe quality improvement activities occurring within your assigned nursing department. Include the following in your description. o Whatpromptedthequalityimprovementinitiative?
o WhichoftheInstituteofMedicinePrimaryGoalsisaddressedthroughthisproject? o Describetheexpectedoutcomeandhowitwillbemeasured.