Discuss The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin

1) A cover page, an introduction section, a critical analysis, a conclusion segment, and a reference page.2) The Introduction Section should include a summary of the text; no opinions, just a summary.3) The Critical Analysis should include any term or concept from the required text Strangers to These Shores. An analysis of the main characters or subject, the worldview of the title characters or subject of the book, any cultural understanding or identity (i.e. role of the character or subject).4) The Main Conclusion should include your perspective and main conclusion. Also include the portion of the book that “moved” you or left the strongest impression on your perceptions of culture and diversity.5) You may use multiple references, quotes, etc. If so please include a reference page.The papers are to be written using APA format and will be graded based on content, originality style, good grammar, and spelling