Discuss the Future of financing Medicare

Paper length – 12 pages of content, double-spaced. References – a minimum of 10 scholarly sources (books, scholarly sources,periodicals, or online resources). Fewer sources will result in a deduction of points.o The course textbook itself should be cited as one source. Research paper format – students are required to use the American PsychologicalAssociation (APA) style for the research paper as appropriate. Double-spaced usingTimes New Roman or comparable font, 12 point. Proper spelling and grammar usageis expected. APA guidelines can be found athttp://guides.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/c.php?g=288322&p=1922429.Students are required to complete a 12-page [content] research paper in APA format(cover page, abstract, references are not included in the 12 pages). For studentswho are uncertain about the APA format, it is strongly recommended that purchase AnEasyGuide to APA Style 3rd EditionResearch paper check listPlease note that your paper must include:1. Cover/Title page2. Abstract3. 12 pages of content is APA (double-spaced) and 1-inch margins4. Minimum of 10 references from scholarly sources