Discuss the Generation Tehran Video

Module 5 Discussion
M5 Discussion – Generation Tehran Video

In this picture, unidentified Iranian female national soccer players attend in a training session in Tehran, Iran. The Iranian girls football team can compete at the Youth Olympics as long as its players swap their traditional head scarves for a cap that covers their hair. (AP Photo/ISNA, Amir Pourmand, file)
In the content guide, you watched a video focusing on youth in Iran. Considering what the youth say in the video and the events of the recent past in Iran (the election protests in 2009; the election of a new and seemingly more moderate President, Mr Hassan Rouhani; and other developments) consider the use of soft power by the US. What role has soft power played in the discontent of youth in Iran? Do you think the use of soft power by the US will be a major factor in the future of Iran? Will other factors be more important?

Generation Tehran (24:14)

Please use the book All the Shah\’s Men by Stephen Kinzer as one of your referances