Discuss the Health Belief model to the coronary heart disease problem among women

Health problem chosen for paper: coronary heart disease among women-Determinants of the problem can be: perception of seriousness of CHD is not as strong which makes women underestimate the need for CHD preventive behaviors.-Use the Health Belief Model as theory to explain the problem.-See attachment for full paper guidelines.-See second attachment to see my short paper proposal/ topic.Your paper must:1. Critically analyze the determinants of the problem/behavior as they relate to social and behavioral science theories.2. Determine which theory/theories you believe are be most appropriate for understanding the problem. You may want to use more than one theory but keep in mind you will need to apply thewhole model, not just conceptual pieces. Please limit your analysis to no more than two theories.3. Apply the theories and develop intervention implications based on your analysis of the public health problem behavior you have selected. The focus is on justifying the rationale/path to behavioral changes rather than the details of the intervention.