Discuss \”The Nuclear bombing of japan during World war 2 by the US through the scope of Realism, Constructivism and Liberalism

for the introduction of the paper i would like you to talk about the nuclear bombing of japan by the US in general and then for the rest of the paper i would like you to look at the three IR theories which are realism constructivism and liberalism and then write about 2 pages for each of the the theories and how they can translate the event when looking into these lenses. as a quick example, for example when looking at the event in the realist point of view one might say the america bombed japan to maximise their benefits and become a world power however in the liberalist point of view it can be viewed as a way to end a destructive war. and for the conclusion i would like you to wrap up the whole issue while stating what theory you side with the best. i will attache two articles that u should use n writing the paper however the other four sources i would like them to be scholarly papers and articles that are easily accessible from the internet. thank you.


On the Dangers of Thanking God for the Atom Bomb