Discuss the pros of fineing the parent of children who bully

In Class Presentations:
Advocacy Day:
A. Directions
a. Each student will pair with another student to present a brief debate about the following public health issues. Each student will choose one topic from the list below and prepare a two minute written documentation of either the pro or the con side of the issue (to be decided upon in class). This documentation will be presented in class on either Monday or Tuesday of week nine (November 16 or 17).
b. After the initial pro and con presentations are completed, each person will have one minute to respond to the other students side (for a total of six minutes). It is very important that you practice your presentation as you only have two minutes initially and you will have to stop at the end of two minutes.
c. Grading will primarily be based upon the content of your documentation. However, points will be deducted if you are absent. In the case of your partners absence, you will respond to questions by the faculty.
B. The first/affirmative speaker will persuade the class in his/her favor, define terms, give rationales to support the position, and summarize important points. The second/negative speaker presents opposing arguments and/or support for an opposing case, redefines terms, and summarize important points. The goal of the one minute response is to rebut the alternate speaker.
C. Documentation: Statistics and references (a maximum of four) should be included in your documentation. References should be written in APA, 6th edition style.
D. Presentation: This is a formal presentation therefore professional dress and speech as well as good eye contact and an enthusiastic and positive manner should be utilized.
E. Topics: Provided in class
F. Advocacy Day Grading Rubric

Criterion Points
Organization and clarity: viewpoints and responses are outlined clearly and orderly. 15
Comprehension : The initial response portion must demonstrate command of the subject (2 min intro) 15
Use of examples and facts (minimum 3): To support documentation and rationales 15
Rebuttal: All counter-arguments should be evidence-based and professionally presented (1 min rebuttal) 15
Presentation style: Professional tone, language, and manner should be utilized. 10
References APA 6th ed. 10
Written documentation reflects a command of the subject 20
Total 100

Final Examination:
A cumulative objective final examination will be given during Final Exam week.

Submission Information
Quizzes and group work will be graded and posted in Blackboard.

advocacy day… the pros of giving parents fines because their children are bullies. include statistics please do not put the paper in paragraph form use bullet points and up to date statistics I have attached sample testimonies.