Discuss the Sociology of the Film \”Understanding Movies\” by Louis Giannetti 13th Edition

This is a midterm exam. I have attached the assignment sheet for the midterm. I am requesting 2 pages for the first 3 questions and a few sentences to a paragraph for the remainder of the questions. I figured it would come up to roughly 10 pages. He wants us to talk about some of the films we watched in class or that we have listed on our syllabus. The films we have watched in class are Captain Fantastic, Moonlight, Fight Club, and The Lost Weekend (old movie). He wants a clear emphasis and understanding of hegemony for question 2 (essay portion). Also, for the resources he has indicated that if we use the ones that he suggested that would suffice. I have included them in the \”Midterm Exam Brignal\” document. The last citation would be that of our textbook which is \”Understanding Movies\” by Louis Giannetti 13th Edition Print ISBN: 9780205856169. Some additional movies are Beetlejuice, 28 Days Later, The Exorcist, Requiem for a Dream, Old School, Shawn of the Dead, Full Metal Jacket, and I am Legend. Feel free to use any of the mentioned movies as I have watched all of them. If you have any questions please ask! Thank you!