Discuss the Transgendered Dorm Floors on College Campuses

Transgendered Dorm Floors on College Campuses


You are to assume the role of a college president who is considering the creation of a gender neutral dorm floor for transgendered students. The student government issued you a report stating the fact there is a growing number of transgendered students on your campus, many of whom have reported feeling unsafe on their dormitory floors. This would be a housing option for students who have declared themselves to be transgendered and not forced. No one would be placed on the floor unless they request it.

In a letter to the student body, you need to explain

what transgendered encompasses;

the issue of transgendered dorm floors across the US;

safety and discrimination concerns;

discuss a few of the pros and cons;

then state your position. Will you create or not create a gender neutral dorm floor.

You will need to find and use 3 articles that support the idea as well as 3 articles that question or do not support the idea. These articles must be used in your assignment.

The letter should be at least one full page long, single spaced. It should look like a letter. Do not write this as an answer to questions or as a paper. Write it as if you were actually writing a letter.