Discuss theater play review for \”That goes wrong\”

Please search \”That goes wrong\” on YouTube and watch videos and write a review. Since the play is live performance, there will be no full video.. but you can still watch parts of the performance. Please search on YouTube, google and some other websites so you can fully understand the play.My professor highlights that don’t just write summary and write my own opinions as many as I can.I was gonna attach some photos as additional materials but for some reason, it keep failing to upload, so I sent the photos to your support team. They will send the attachment to you as soon I finish to pay.Let me explain about the photo attachment you will receive from your support team. I attached three photos for you so you can understand materials better. The first pic I attached is the list of the cast \”That goes wrong\”. When you watch the videos on YouTube, you should see that guys in the photo I attached on videos. The second and third photo I attached are good examples of theater review that professor gave me. Thank you.