Discuss Tiscione psilocin

I need to prepare paper (Article Critique) on this article (Tiscione psilocin) which I will make presentation on it later. Please follow these instructions:
– Background on the journal and authors
? A brief introduction to the drug
? Details of the case study, including results
? Your interpretation of the level(s) in the case(s)
? How the drug is analysed for in a toxicology laboratory
? Your critique of the paper
(((How to critique a paper))))
Who are the authors?
Where are they from?
Study design
Statistical analysis
Sample choice
Method of analysis
I will upload file under name (Tiscione psilocin) and this paper need to be critique.
And please make highlight on the pdf file and send to me again to read it.
I will upload 2 files more under examples ( 1 article example and the second file is critique for this article) these file under examples to show you how I need my paper to critique.
Please for any inquires send message.