Discuss Vegetarinaism and Wellness

See attached files! All 4 critical elements MUST be addressed
1. Into
2. Issue
3. Plan
4. Presentation
Subject of paper:
Diet is a critical component of health and wellness, touching on most areas of wellness and the cornerstone of health. Being a vegetarian has improved my health far beyond anything it has been before. This isnt just unique to me, anyone can adopt this lifestyle and see dramatic improvements in overall wellness, including the obvious physical dimension, but also emotional, environmental, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions. Also contrary to popular belief it will not negatively impact the financial dimension, the health benefits by avoiding doctor visits and prescription payments will far outweigh the somewhat slight increase of the grocery bill. Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle also has far reaching impacts on our environment and climate change as well.

In this course, you will explore the relationship between wellness, society, and the individual. It is important to recognize the influence and impact that wellness can have and what that means for individuals in all disciplines.

Issues of wellness have influence on many aspects of society, and how that is dealt with requires diverse knowledge and perspectives to investigate and change. Across many disciplines, the ability to investigate and then articulate a plan to inspire change is often necessary to achieve personal and professional goals. The purpose of this assessment is to examine the role of wellness in society and how that impacts individuals through the development of a plan that addresses a local or global problem relating to wellness.

This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:

? Analyze the various components of wellness for investigating the influence of wellness on ones discipline of study or chosen profession ? Integrate interdisciplinary approaches for determining the impact that contemporary issues in healthcare systems have on modern society ? Describe contemporary issues surrounding wellness for their relevance to and impact on the individual and society by employing appropriate research strategies ? Recommend potential applications of strategies for monitoring and enhancing personal and public wellness ? Articulate informed viewpoints on contemporary issues surrounding wellness issues through effective communication skills ? Assess cultural and social attitudes, choices, and behaviors for their implications to lifelong health and wellness through the incorporation of diverse perspectives and viewpoints informed by relevant literature and peer experiences